Per-Olof Arnäs
Associate Partner

Per Olof Arnäs has worked in, with and in connection with the logistics industry since the late 1980s, both in industry and in academia. He has a doctorate in logistics from Chalmers, where he has also worked as a logistics researcher and deputy head of department. His main focus is the digitalisation of the logistics industry, both how it can be implemented and what effects it has. Per Olof is an adviser to the government in the National Freight Transport Council. 

He is also the founder and host of the Logistics Podcast and Logistics Rocks, where he podcasts about logistics and meets industry experts and enthusiasts, as well as co-host of Podgeek - a podcast about podcasts. He loves the 21st century. 

Per Olof is available for several different types of assignments:
- Lecture or workshop on the digital development of the logistics and transport system, what trends are ongoing and what effects they may have. Can be adapted to anything between 20 minutes and a full day, as desired. His lectures are often about how digitization, automation and other strong driving forces affect not only the logistics industry but also other sectors. Examples of materials that can be angled according to target group and focus can be found here

- Do you need to upgrade your or your colleagues' skills? Per Olof has extensive experience as a teacher in logistics and related subjects and can tailor an education that covers your needs. 

- Advisor in transport, logistics and digital development 

- Board assignments (certified board member)